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Study to Assess the Knowledge of Staff Nurses about Practicing Narcotic Policies in Selected Hospitals ICU in View to Prepare Information Pamphlet

S.M. Satwekar


Narcotic use and diversion among nurses is a growing problem. Substance abuse is the major reason listed by the State Board of Nursing for disciplinary action. Staff nurses needs to be aware regarding narcotic and diversion. In the present study, 20 staff nurses were selected by purposive sampling from selected hospital from Miraj, Maharashtra, India in the year 2015. Knowledge questionnaire was used for data collection. Results demonstrated that majority of the respondents, i.e. 16 (80%) were in the age group 22–32 years, 3 (15%) participants were in age group 33–42 years, and 1 (5%) participant was in the age group 43–58 years. It also revealed that 4 (20%) participants were male and remaining 16 (80%) participants were female. Regarding the years of experience most of the participants, i.e., 16 (80%) had 1–10 years of experience, 1 (5%) participant had 11–15 years of experience, and 3 (15%) participants had more than 16 years of experience. Those who have not taken narcotic drugs between 22 and 32 years of age (60%) had average knowledge, 27% participants had poor knowledge, and 13% participants had good knowledge. Regarding sex, males (100%) had average knowledge whereas among females, 25% had good knowledge, 50% had average knowledge, and 25% had poor knowledge. The Chi square values were computed from the age, gender and year of experience with the level of knowledge. The values were found to be statistically significant which indicates that there is an association between knowledge score with these demographic variables at 0.05% level of significance. So information pamphlet is given which consisted of:

1]      Narcotic policies regarding what are narcotic drugs;

2]      Preservation and maintenance of records of drugs;

3]      Procedure for narcotic administration documentation;

4]      Disposal of leftover medicine;

5]      Legal acts and nurses’ responsibilities, which will be useful to present to the working nurses in that area as well for forthcoming nurses and student nurses also.


Keywords: Narcotic drugs, uses, prescription, disposal of drug, narcotic policy


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Satwekar SM. A study to assess the knowledge of staff nurses about practicing narcotic policies in selected hospitals ICU in view to prepare information pamphlet. Research & Reviews: Journal of Health Professions. 2016; 6(1): 4–8p.

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