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A Review on Sarcopenic Obesity: A Rising Epidemic

Poulami Dasgupta


Age-related changes in body composition in geriatrics coupled with increased prevalence of obesity because of immobility and reduced activity gives rise to excess weight and reduced muscle mass or strength; the condition is recently defined as Sarcopenic obesity (SO).The prevalence of sarcopenia and Sarcopenic Obesity increases with age. Muscle and fat mass are strongly interconnected pathogenetically. A better understanding of the mechanisms which lead from loss of muscle mass to fat gain or vice versa from fat gain to muscle loss seems to be crucial. Recent data is suggestive that peptides produced by adipose tissue may play an important role in the pathophysiology of SO, however more research is needed to better characterize this new area. Obesity and Sarcopenia in the elderly may potentiate each other complicating their effects on frailty, morbidity and mortality.Identifying elderly subjects with SO and recommending weight-loss therapy along with a suitable dietary regime should be mandatory; this may improve physical function, quality of life, and the medical complications associated with this important geriatric syndrome by minimizing muscle and bone losses; therefore effective nutritional intervention and early diagnosis may help treat sarcopenia and attenuate its clinical impact.Hence this review aims to collate results from various studies, probe into the unplumbed areas and  evince a suitable dietary and lifestyle intervention that may help lessen the complications of SO.


Keywords: sarcopenia, sarcopenic obesity and nutrition, nutrition in sarcopenic obesity


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