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The Response of Blood Platelets to the Vibration Sound in Healthy Subjects and Hypertensive, Diabetic Patients: In Vitro Study

Amer D. Majeed


Vibration-induced changes in the platelets activity as a result of increased share stress. Mean platelet volume (MPV) is a good indicator of platelet activation. This study aimed to study the effect of vibration sounds, evoked by tuning fork, on the MPV of healthy subjects, hypertensive and diabetic patients in vitro study model. Venous blood samples obtained from healthy subjects (n=7), hypertensive (n=7) and diabetic patients (n=7) were exposed to vibration evoked by tuning fork at frequency 128–2084 Hz up to 50 sec. The platelet number and MPV were measured using the Coulter electronic count. The results showed that vibration sound did not induce changes in the platelet number in healthy subjects and patients. The changes in the MPV are independently related to the exposure time. In healthy subjects, the MPV is increased by 6.3% at 2084 Hz while in hypertensive and diabetic patients are increased by 4.4 and 3.3% at 1024 Hz respectively. It concludes that vibration sound induced an increase of the MPV, and this effect is tended to be less in patients with hypertension or diabetes indicated that the responses of platelets are reduced in chronic diseases.


Keywords: Vibration, platelets, hypertension, diabetes


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Majeed Amer D. The Response       of Blood Platelets to the Vibration Sound in Healthy Subjects and Hypertensive, Diabetic    Patients:      In   Vitro Study. Research and Reviews:        Journal of Immunology         (RRJoI).        2015; 5(1): 23–28p.

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