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Medicinal Plants with Potent Antidiabetic and Wound Healing Activity: A Review

Sharma P., Prasad G.B.K.S., Srivastav A.


Wound healing is impaired in diabetic patient with infection or hyperglycemia, and because of the increasing incidence of diabetes worldwide wound healing occupies an important and developing fields of research in modern biomedical sciences. As such process of wound healing is highly complicated and becomes more complex when associated with a condition like diabetes which itself is a substantial socioeconomic and quite serious life burden. As a consequence of its chronic complications, wound healing in diabetic condition continues to be a therapeutic challenge. The diabetic patient with ulcer becomes at higher risk for later complications which include infection and amputation. The treatment that exist today, however are often expensive and exhibit major adverse effects. Scientists who are trying to develop newer drugs for diabetic wound care are looking towards the natural sources. In the Indian traditional system of medicine several drugs of plant, mineral and animal origin are described for their wound healing properties. Most of these drugs are derived from plant origin. This paper reviews the list of medicinal plants used in traditional system of medicine for the treatment of wounds and diabetes. They were screened and most of them are scientifically proved for their wound healing activity in diabetic condition.


Keywords: Wound healing activity, diabetes, medicinal plants, therapeutic challenges


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Sharma P, Prasad GBKS, Srivastav Archana, Medicinal Plants with Potent Antidiabetic and Wound Healing Activity- A Review, Research and Reviews: Journal of Medical Science and Technology (RRJoMST). 2015; 4(1): 21–36p.

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