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Prospects of Using Geographic Information Technology in the Public Health Sector of Sri Lanka

I. P. Senanayake, Gayantha R. L. Kodikara, B. Y. A. Wijayanayake


Geographic information technology has a significant potential of benefiting the health industry in both public and private sectors. With its ability in data management, integration and visual interpretation, geographic information system (GIS) can be used as a powerful tool for the advancement of health sector of the country. GIS has high prospects in disease tracking, health surveys, health mapping and analysis of demography, man power, service networks, facility accessibility, health care gaps, etc. A spatial approach to the health industry through GIS can address the problems related to the health sector as a part of the overall solution. The use of GIS technology for the advancement of health sector is not yet significant. GIS can be used for the advancement of health sector through effective data management, analysis, planning and forecasting. Therefore, end users at various stages from general public to the decision makers of the health sector are benefited by integrating geographic information technology with health sector data. In this research article, therefore, the potential application areas of GIS and related geospatial technologies which can be employed for the advancement of the health sector of Sri Lanka are addressed.


Keywords: Epidemiology, GIS, GPS, public health, GIS, non-communicable diseases, remote sensing

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