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Influence of Reptin on acute pancreatitis model of the rat

Chol Kang, Hun Ryong, Song-Chol Mun, Gun-Son Ri


Background and Aim: In acute pancreatitis, hyperproduction of inflammatory mediators, including inflammatory cytokines, exacerbation of tissue injury due to microcirculatory disturbances, secondary activation of inflammatory cells in distant organs, and the cascade are the pathogenic basis of pancreatitis severity. Therefore, inhibition of pancreatic enzyme activity, blocking production, and preventing the activation of inflammatory cells is a practical way to prevent the development of severe acute pancreatitis and multiorgan failure. In our study, we sought to elucidate the effect of leptin on a rat model of severe acute pancreatitis. Methods: We prepared an acute pancreatitis model in rats by intraperitoneal injection of 20 μg/kg of leptin and single injection of 0.1 mL/100g of bile into a pancreatic duct extending from the duodenal papilla, measured survival, serum amylase activity, MPO activity in pancreatic tissue, SOD activity and MDA content, and observed the histopathological findings of pancreatic tissue. Results: Pre-administration of 20 μg/kg leptin improved the survival of rats, decreased serum amylase activity, MPO activity in pancreatic tissue, increased MDA content, increased SOD activity, and improved the histopathological features of pancreatic tissue.


Leptin, SAP

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