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Complications and Management of Forgotten Ureteral Stent: A Case Report

Rahida Hilal, Shahla Parveen, Iqbal Aziz, Hafiz Hamza Bilal, Simeen Usmani


Double J Ureteric stents are the most used devices in the field of the urology for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the patency of ureter. They are also associated with a number of complications including infection, migration of the stent and encrustation leading to the formation of stone. Indwelling of stent for longer duration is associated with greater degree of these complications. We present a case of 55 years old man who presented with a severely encrusted ureteral stent that had been placed 2 years back after left sided nephrolithotomy and was lost to follow up. Firstly, the patient underwent cystoscopy to remove the stent but was not successful due to severe encrustation along the whole length of the stent. Then the stent was removed by performing open surgery with uneventful post-op period.


:- Double J Ureteric stents, Indwelling of stent, encrusted ureteral stent.

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