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Dr. Vdoc: A Medical Chatbot that Acts as a Virtual Doctor

Saurav Kumar Mishra, Dhirendra Bharti, Nidhi Mishra


Dr. Vdoc—a medical chatbot that acts as a virtual doctor. It is a chatbot that is designed to act as a virtual doctor. Patient can ask question related to disease to this virtual chatbot. Dr. Vdoc is able to give the answer of the several type of question related to disease. Natural language processing and pattern matching algorithm for the development of this chatbot. Dr. Vdoc is a type of initiative of helping those people where doctors are not available, to provide awareness about the disease where doctors are not available. Dr. Vdoc is successfully able to answer the question that were asked by the user with 80% accuracy on the basis of results.

Keywords: Chatbot, virtual doctor, Dr. Vdoc, algorithm

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Saurav Kumar Mishra, Dhirendra Bharti and Nidhi Mishra. Dr. Vdoc: A medical Chatbot that acts as a Virtual Doctor. Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical Science and Technology. 2017; 6(3): 16–20p.

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