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A Pre Experimental Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of STP Regarding Behavior Problem (Nail Biting, Pica, Conduct Disorder, Enuresis, Temper Tantrum) Among School Children Aged Between 10 – 15 Year In Selected School, Kashmir Province, Jammu & Kashmir.

Avinash Kumawat, Sonia Nanda


The primary aim of the study to assess the impact of structure teaching program on knowledge of school children regarding behavior problem with pica, enuresis, temper tantrum, nail biting, conduct disorder). Nursing is a profession that to be developed and emphasized with deep commitment to research. However it is only recently than nurses. In general has recognized the acute need for nursing research. In fact the future of nursing science depend very much on the involvement of nurses in the implementation and utilization of nursing research. The term behavior refers to the way a person responds to a certain situation or experience. Behavior is affected by temperament, which is made up of an individual innate & unique expectations, emotions and beliefs. Behavior can also be influenced by a range of social and environmental factors including parenting practices gender, exposure to new situations. General life events and relationship with friends and siblings. Most children learn to regulate their reactions and feelings over time in the early years through emotional connections with significant others and learned self- understanding. They use the face, voice and body to communicate their reactions to others .if the child receives appropriate responses then an emotional connection is established which will ensure that the child will learn and development will be enriched . Parents or caregivers need to be able to read the read the emotional that infants and toddlers are expressing and to model coping skills for the child.


Df :Degree of freedom N :Number of subjects NS :Non-Significant P value :Probability value STP :Structure Teaching Programme χ 2 : Chi Square

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