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A Comparative Study of Lodhrasevyadi Yoga with Neelithulasyadi Yoga in Lootha Visha (Spider Poison)

Gyanendra kumar Gupta, Gagan Devi


The poison of loothas or spiders comes under Jangama Visha. Loothas can exert their venom through various body principles as per Ayurvedic concept. They are able to produce both general and dermatological signs and symptoms. The reason for the selection of lootha visha as the topic for this work is that spider poisoning is very common in the clinical practice of Agadatantra. According to general statistical information at outpatient level on various types of visha, nearly 30% - diagnosed cases of lootha poisoning are treated every month.


Loothas, Jangama visha, Agada tantra, Visha, Ayurvedic

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