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Concept of Body Fluids (Akhlāt)

Faiz A., Ali F.


Unani Tibb is one of the ancient systems of medicine which is also called as the system of Greek medicine. A body fluid or "humor" is that fluid of the body in which our aliment is transformed. In our classical literature, body fluids were termed as Akhlāt (Humors). Humoral theory believes the presence of four humors in the body i.e., blood (dam), phlegm (balgham), yellow bile (safra) and black bile (sauda). Humors are produced after metabolism and transformation of food materials. All the body fluid are included in these four humors. The purpose of this review aims to know the correlation of four humors with body fluids.

Keywords: Unani tibb, akhlāt, body fluids, apoferritin, khilt dam

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Faiz A., Ali F. Concept of Body Fluids (Akhlāt). Research & Reviews: A Journal of Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2019; 6(3): 12–14p.


unani tibb, akhlāt, body fluids

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