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Ringworm Infection in Unani Perspective: A Literary Review

Aamir Niyaz, Rehan Safee, Farha Rizwan


There are several skin conditions that affect human beings. Since the most common of skin conditions may have some symptoms that are similar, it becomes more important to understand the differences between them. Skin disorders may vary significantly in symptoms and severity. Qooba (Dermatophytosis) is one such type of type of skin disease. In Unani System of Medicine, it is described as roughness which appears over skin surface. As far as the history of Qooba and ancient Unani literature is concerned, it was Buqrat (Hippocrates), the father of medicine, who gave an ample space and new direction to medical thoughts with his humoral theory.



Skin disorders, dermatophytosis, Unani, Qooba, Buqrat, Unani system

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