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Unani Management of Kasrate Tams (Menorrhagia): A Literary Review

Mahevish Liyaqat Shaikh,, Mohd Furqan Patel, Rafi Ahmed Chaudhry, Asma Rafi Ahmed Chaudhry


Menstrual disorders have drawn much attention of the gynaecologists and physicians at present and in the ancient times more than any other health problems of the females. Among all gynaecological problems, “Menorrhagia (Kasrate Tams/Ifrate Tams)” is one of the most common complaints in menstruating females. Approximately it affects 10 to 15% of the adult female population. It is a problem that affects physical, emotional, and social activities and quality of life of females. Menorrhagia (Kasrate Tams) is defined as the condition in which excessive bleeding occurs either in amount or duration during menstrual cycle. Many medical treatments, hormonal therapy, or definitive surgical correction may result in a substantial reduction in menstrual blood loss but these therapies have their own side effects. Surgery can be the option but it is more expensive. Despite of wide range of treatment options for the management of Menorrhagia over recent years in modern medicine there is still an acute need to look for better option for its management and some alternative treatment with least side effects. Hence it is the need of time to have an integrated and comprehensive therapeutic intervention with Unani medicine to prevent its recurrence. Unani medicine possesses a number of effective and safe herbal, polyherbal, mineral and herbo mineral drugs that are used in the management of Kasrate Tams and are effective in not only reducing menstrual blood loss, but also reduces the symptoms associated with it.


Kasrate Tams (Menorrhagia), Unani medicine, alternative treatment, menstrual disorders, gynaecologists

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