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Dry Cough (Su‘āl Yābis): Causes and Management

Abul Faiz, Ashhar Qadeer


Unani system is based on the concept of equilibrium and balance of one or more than one of six essential factors which leads to weakening of tabi’at (physis) which further leads to alteration in humours and temperament (su’al mizaj) of individual, resulting more weakening of tabi’at tends to causation of disease. Cough is a reflex action due to physis of lungs to excrete out the irritant from lungs in response to any irritation caused by irritant. Dry Cough is associated with some preceding and some extrinsic causes. This review paper aims to describe the main causes of dry cough and basic mode of its treatment.


Unani, Humors, Temperament, Dry cough, lungs

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