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Aromatherapy (Lakhlakha) in Unani System of Medicine: A Review

Dr.Khan Bushra Hina, Khurshid Ahmed, Patel Furqan Ahmad, Farooqui Md Rafe, Khan Husna


Aromatherapy is a contemporary term for a restorative art that is ages old. It is one of the regimens of Ilaj-Bil- Tadbir (Regimental Therapy) hired for the maintenance and renewal of health under Unani system of medicine. The word aromatherapy is new,however the fundamental idea has been taken from Unani medicine, as glaring from the evaluate of popular Unani text. He himself used aromatherapy withinside the forms of lakhlakha/shumoom (inhalation) for the treatment of quantity of illnesses. In aromatherapy, remedy is performed the usage of fragrances or scents which can be completely herbal and are imitative from flowers, resins, wood, roots, fruits, herbs, leaves, seeds etc. Besides, aromatic substances can also be consumed and taken internally as drugs; orally use of mufarrihaat(exhilarant herbs is a one of the distinctive concepts of Unani system of medicine. This paper presents an inclusive review of aromatherapy and also highpoints the different modes of application of aromatherapy in Unani system of medicine.


Aromatherapy, Lakhlakha, Unani System of Medicine, Shamoom, Ilaj-Bil-Tadbir

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