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Effects of a Unani Polyherbal Formulation, Itrifal Mulayyan, on First and Second Degree Internal Haemorrhoids

Mohd. Rafi Thoker, Yousuf Saleem, Arshad Hussain Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad Payer, Sheikh Mohmad, Shahida Habib, Tariq Rahim, Afroza Rahman, Amanullah Haji


Background: Haemorrhoids are dilatation and tortuosity of anorectal vessels. Haemorrhoids above dentate line are called internal haemorrhoids and those below are called external haemorrhoids. These are caused mainly due to constipation. In 1st degree haemorrhoids, there is bleeding per rectum; in 2nd degree haemorrhoids along with bleeding there is prolapse of pile mass which reduces spontaneously. First- and second-degree haemorrhoids are the initial stages of internal haemorrhoids. If treatment is done efficiently at this stage, the patient is cured forever. Aim of the Study: To study the clinical efficacy of classical Unani polyherbal formulation—Itrifal Mulayyan—in the management of 1 st and 2nd degree internal haemorrhoids. Methodology: The present study was carried out on 120 patients of 1st and 2nd degree internal haemorrhoids between the age groups of 20 and 60 years. Diagnosis of the cases was done on the basis of clinical history, per rectal digital examination and proctoscopy. After the diagnosis of internal haemorrhoids of 1st and 2nd degree, the patients were put on oral administration of 5 g of Itrifal Mulayyan twice a day for a period of one month. Follow up of these cases was carried out at an interval of seven days to access the effects of treatment. Results: The chief complaints of the cases such as bleeding per rectum, something coming out per rectum and constipation decreased rapidly as reported by the cases in weekly feedbacks. Physical examination through proctoscopy in follow up case on 4th week after treatment showed significant reduction in the pile masses. Conclusion: Satisfactory results were seen in the symptoms and pile masses of 1st and 2nd degree internal haemorrhoids. Hence it was concluded that Itrifal Mulayyan along with lifestyle and dietary modifications is a drug of choice for the treatment of 1st and 2nd degree internal haemorrhoids.


Clinical efficacy, Unani polyherbal formulation, Itrifal Mulayyan, Internal haemorrhoids, Bawaseer Damwi

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