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Sleep Disturbance Among Medical and Paramedical Students at Selected Colleges in Madurai

R. Revathi, Rathi R.K, K. Rekha


Sleep disturbance makes it difficult for most people to fall asleep. Sleep disruption leads to sleep disturbance. Furthermore, many people are unaware of the causes of sleep disturbances. The prevalence of sleep problems varies, but it is estimated that 22 % to 65 % of the population suffer from sleep disturbance. The purpose of this study is to estimate the amount of sleep disturbance among medical and paramedical students at various colleges in Madurai. 250 medical and paramedical students were selected as samples using convenient sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was administered. This study depicts the sleep disturbances caused by gadgets during the night time (80.4% of students spent more time on their phones just before going to bed), environmental disturbances (due to power failure (50%), bright light, noise, snoring etc.,), few habits(caffeinated drinks, smoking etc.,), and daytime physical disturbances due to restless night time sleep, use of medications, associated minor discomforts(thirst, sweating, frequent urination etc.,) and problem in falling sleep. Data interpretation is discussed. The investigator discovered that all of the students have sleep problems, which interfere with their daily activities.

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