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Lauha Bhasma: A Critical Review

Niraj Rajeshbhai Pandya, Niraj D. Mendpara, Bharat Kalsariya


The pharmaceutical branch of Ayurveda known as Rasashastra, deals in depth with the formulation of various metals and minerals to maximise their therapeutic effect. Bhasma are Rasa preparations in which metals and minerals are processed employing a variety of Samsakara such as Shodhana, Jarana, Marana, Amritikatana etc. The Bhasma Kalpana is one of the thermodynamics-based pharmaceutical concept by which a metallic ore or a metal itself can be converted into nanosized particle. Lauha is one of the most significant Rasa Dravya. In Samhita references are available about the uses of Lauha in powdered form called as Aayaskriti. Detailed descriptions are available in Rasa Shastra about the preparation of Lauha Bhasma and their therapeutic uses. The aim of the present review was to screen and compile references pertaining to Lauha Bhasma in accordance with types, Shodhana and Marana of Lauha and Amritikarana, Anupana, Dose, Apakwa Bhasma Sevanjanya Dosha and Vikarshanti Upaya of Lauha Bhasma. Description of Lauha Bhasma was extensively reviewed from Ayurvedic classical texts, contemporary texts, online journals, articles and internet materials. Variations in type of Lauha and its method of preparation, Anupana, dose of Lauha Bhasma was observed in the classical texts. Different researchers adopted different methods for preparation of Lauha Bhasma including classical as well as contemporary technique. In classical texts, procedures such as Nirvapa, Dhalana, Bharjana, Lepana, Paritapana etc. have been mentioned for Shodhana of Lauha. Niragni Paka for Lauha Marana is mentioned in Rasendra Chudamani, Rasa Ratna Samuchchya, Rasa Prakasha Sudhakaraka. Surya Puta method for preparation of Lauha Bhasma is mentioned in Ayurveda Prakasha. Less number of Puta are required for preparation of Lauha Bhasma by classical method then electric muffle furnace in context of Trividha Lauha Paka method.


Lauha Bhasma, Rasayana, Nano-medicine.

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