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The Review on Efficacy of Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of COVID 19

Sreeja Nyayakar, Aswathi G.


The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID 19) has created a global pandemic with a significant mortality and morbidity rate. Presently, with no vaccine or standard therapy available, the healthcare system has turned to correlate the existing therapies with the disease pathology and viral structure of corona virus. So thereby revisiting the existing therapies, here one of the highly efficient, safe and inexpensive ozone therapies. A multitude of ozone therapies have shown substantial benefits that span a large variety of acute and chronic ailments. The biological, immunoceutical and therpeutical effects of the therapy have shown highly encouraging effects in previous studies. In the treatment of corona virus, ozone therapy can be utilized in treating various stages of the disease. The therapy initiates and stimulates the body’s immunity and also possesses antiviral properties at various stages of virus-cell entry process. The therapy can also be used to limit the complications of the infection like Pulmonary Embolism and also prevents organ deterioration. Despite the compiling evidence, further experimental studies are essential to mark ozone therapy as a viable and quite essential treatment option for COVID 19.


Keywords: COVID 19, immunity, ozone therapy, treatment, virus


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