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Lymph Purification for Liver Cirrhosis Patients’ Treatment

Michael Shoikhedbrod


The existing methods of lymph purification do not permit to clean the organism of patient with liver cirrhosis from an increased concentration of toxic substances contained in his lymph. In addition, the process of cleaning of the lymph in these methods takes a long time, during which the patient remains without lymph, waiting for clean lymph that sharply weakens him and in extraordinary cases can lead to death. The presence of a large number of cancer cells in the lymph of a patient with cirrhosis of the liver leads to their sharp reproduction in stagnant zones—lymph nodes, where the lymph does not move, that are sources of metastases appearance. The necessity for development of new methods of lymph purification and new technology of cancer cells destruction has appeared. The present paper describes the developed special process of lymph purification. In this process, the microdispersed negatively charged bubbles of hydrogen, generated under the action of electric field on lymph, stick to toxic microparticles or cancer cells, forming the strong complexes of hydrogen bubbles+toxic microparticles and hydrogen bubbles+cancer cell. This results in an increased lifting volume that, with the help of Archimedes force, leads to easy and natural separation of toxic microparticles and cancer cells from the lymph, and also to a new developed technology of cancer cells destruction. The designed everyday medical electroflotators permit the practical implementation of the developed method in short time to replace entire toxic lymph of the patient into the lymph of healthy person that is free from the cancerous cells, in the continuous regime, by recirculation on the locked outline. Conducted tests permitted to establish the high effective influence of the developed method of lymph purification on the process of treatment of patients with cirrhosis of the liver.

Keywords: Blood, hemosorption, lymph, lymph purification, treatment of liver cirrhosis and hepatitis patients

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