Study of Nickel Toxicity and Recovery in Freshwater Major Carp Catla catla

J. M. Patel, Anita Bahadur


The present work was carried out to examine the hazardous effects of chronic intoxication of nickel ions in Catla catla, a fresh water major carp. Fingerlings were exposed to sublethal concentrations of nickel sulphate solution (5 ppm and 10 ppm) for 21 days and histotoxicity in liver, brain and intestine was studied periodically. Normal architecture of hepatocytes was disrupted. The histopathological manifestations observed in the liver were congestion of hepatocytes, cytolysis, necrotic sites, haemorrhage within dilated sinusoids, cytoplasmic vacuolization, fragmented chromatin in nucleus and pyknosis. Sections through brain showed spongiosis, disjoinment and vacuolization in layers, hyperemia, swelling of pyramidal cells and clumping of mononuclear cells. Histopathological alterations seen in intestine were plateau appearance in villi tip, vacuolization and loosening of muscularis, disorganisation and sloughing off of layers.

Keywords: Pollution, Nickel, Histopathology, Catla



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