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A Study of Hanging Cases in Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sandeep Prasad Lal


Violent asphyxia death is one of the most common causes of unnatural deaths; among which hanging is the most common method. It is widely accepted as a method of suicide due to relative painless and rapid death. The aim of the study to find out the demographic pattern of death due to hanging cases brought for postmortem examination in JLN Medical College, Bhagalpur, during the period of one year (2018) from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018. In this period, total 1081 number of autopsies were carried out; and out of them, 253 (23.4%) cases were death due to hanging. Maximum victims were females than males, maximum number victims were in 21‑30 years of age group and all cases were suicidal in nature. The common place of committing suicide was mostly home; maximum number victims were married and 44 (25.4%) number of victims were found to be in menstrual phase among the females during autopsy.


Keywords: Asphyxia, suicide, hanging

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Sandeep Prasad Lal. A Study of Hanging Cases in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Toxicology. 2019; 9(2): 43–46p.

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