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Account of Gross Anatomy to Microanatomy with the Orientation of Progressive Detection

Mohd. Anus Ansari, Ashhar Qadeer


Purpose: The aim of this study is to see the history and course of histology as well as analyze the list of simple organs described in classical Unani literature with the recent advancement in the subject. Background: Concept of tissue had been described in classical Unani literature. Every era has its maximum but possible technologies to visualize and understand the things. So, Unani ancient scholars also did the best of their scenario, and formed the segment of macro-anatomy to understand the human body for its structure and functioning. At that time, microscope was not invented; therefore, they were unable to reach the micro-anatomy. Methodology: After the evaluation in the field of histology, the understanding of human body has been reached up to micro level. In this study, the analysis of the list of simple organs (present in classical Unani literature) with the histological visualization of the tissues will be done. Conclusion: Definition of simple organs is exactly similar to the definition of tissue that signifies that histology is nothing but the timely progress in the chapter of simple organs. Future prospects and utility of the work: The text of simple organs in the Umūr Ṭabī‘yya must be edited in the light of present scientific tools and techniques to make clear the things for the students of Unani system of medicine and to keep its credibility in the systems.

Keywords: A‘ḍā’ Mufrada, simple organs, histology, Unani, tissue

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Mohd Anus Ansari, Ashhar Qadeer. Account of Gross Anatomy to Microanatomy with the Orientation of Progressive Detection. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2019; 6(3): 1–11p.

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